About Zombie Coffee & Donuts

Tony Raffa started the Zombie Coffee and Donuts shop in 2016 with two goals: serving customers with the best made-to-order coffee and donuts in Athens, and creating an impact in the community by forming close business and personal relationships with the people that call Athens home.


Tony is a proud University of Georgia alumnus, graduating in 2015 with a degree from the Terry College of Business. Tony worked with a number of startups during his college career, including Bumpin’ and DSY LLC, and his experiences with startup businesses were part of what inspired him to create his own: Zombie Donuts.

However, Tony had another source of encouragement: his father. Tony’s dad had spent years working with a number of nonprofits, and it was his community involvement that inspired Tony to create a business that gave something back.


After graduation, Tony was able to devote his full time Zombie, and the shop’s unique take on coffee and donuts. While Zombie has been a big hit with the Athens’ college crowd, Tony has higher aspirations: his goal is to grow Zombie Coffee and Donuts into the type of company that can create positive social change across the globe.

While Zombie has exploded in popularity, Tony doesn’t measure his company’s success in dollars: to him, positive impact in the community is the meaning of success. However, he also maintains that the world works cyclically, that Zombie’s goodwill will inspire goodwill in the community, and that when communities and businesses support each other, everyone grows.