Dressember Carolina

Dressember Carolina

Dressember at Carolina is the University of South Carolina’s branch of the Dressember Foundation organized by USC students. Dressember is a non-profit campaign designed to raise funds and awareness about human trafficking.


How the Organization Works

In the month of December, Dressember participants wear dresses to advocate and raise money toward the fight against human trafficking. The campaign seeks to bring women together using their femininity to bring freedom and relief to those trapped in sex trafficking and raise awareness about their plight to the general public.


The money raised by the Dressember Foundation goes to different anti-trafficking grants for organizations like International Justice Mission and A21. Dressember has a rigorous grant application that ensures the money donated goes to organizations that meet the criteria of collaboration, cultural sensitivity, measurable impact, innovation and sustainability.


The grants go to organizations that seek to help fight human trafficking on different fronts. These include helping train police forces to help capture traffickers and rescue victims of human trafficking, training legal authorities to help build cases and prosecute traffickers to the fullest extent, training community members such as hospital staff and transportation authorities to help identify conspicuous signs of slavery, and helping provide victims with long-term effective treatment such as providing access to housing, medical treatment, counseling and education.


The end goal of Dressember is to abolish modern-day slavery and help give oppressed women their freedom and dignity.


All funds received from Zombie Coffee and Donuts would go toward supporting grants supporting every area of liberation for victims of sex trafficking.


For more information and ways to give, visit Dressember’s website at http://www.dressember.org/.