Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services

Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services

PAALS – or Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services – is a 501(c)(3) is a charitable organization that focuses on enabling children and adults with all types of disabilities to live better lives by training and providing them with service dogs.


Some of the more specialized dogs can even turn on lights, help open doors, and pick up dropped items. Others help deal with PTSD and people with autism.  


How the Organization Works

PAALS trains dogs from when they are only puppies all the way to fully trained service dogs. They also have programs in place to help disadvantaged children, seniors, and other people with disabilities.


These programs even involve puppies and dogs in training with events like the yearly summer PAALS day camp. This camp brings children with disabilities and those who do not together to learn the basics of service dog training and how to help people in their community all while these children are paired with their own service dog in training.

There are many opportunities to support and volunteer with PAALS. Learn how you can help at