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Zombie Gives Back: No Longer Bound

Zombie Gives Back: No Longer Bound

No Longer Bound provides broken and willing individuals with a place of escape from the enslavement of addiction. The organization creates a residential refuge for addicted individuals to detoxify from the chemicals, chaos, and catastrophe caused by their dependency. No Longer Bound believes that true freedom comes through the deep and difficult process of regeneration. This process involves resolving wounds of the past, repairing damaged belief systems, restoring relational health, and receiving a new identity. No Longer Bound creates organized opportunities for hurting families to recover from the damage of addiction. The organization assists families with restoring trust, releasing expectations, and repairing broken relationships in order to reconcile them to health and wholeness.




No Longer Bound is a 12 month live-in program that focuses on rescuing addicts, regenerating men, and reconciling families by providing therapy, occupational training, and other assistance to see men walk from addiction to freedom. No Longer Bound is working on a capital campaign to grow their campus so that the organization can help more people and to make their campus more impactful with additions and improvements.


We are proud to name them as one of our organizations of the month!